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Board Meeting Minutes Tuesday, 7 April 2020

South Palm Park Association
Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, 7 April 2020
Zoom Meeting

I.          Call to order
a.     Meeting called to order at 6:30 PM by President Cheryl Rashkin.

II.         Meeting Attendees - Executive Board
a.     Cheryl Rashkin            President   
b.     Linda Brower                        Vice President
c.     Lewis Makepeace            Treasurer
d.     Shari Cornutt                        Secretary

Block Board Members
Absent – Pamela Abrahams - 5th
Greg Richter – 12th
Anthony Sedrigh – 6th
Bob Rashkin – 13th
Absent - Bill (Lynn) Foley – 7th
Chris Ide – 14th
Bill (Bonnie) Robeson– 8th
Marcia (Lucio) Barrerra – 15th
Absent – Ted (Celine) McMorrough - 9th
Absent - Art Broughton – 16th
Vacant – 10th
Vacant - 17th
Absent - Chris Diserio – 11th
Lucy Richter – 18th
 Director at Large – Ted Johnson

III.        President’s Comments
      Quorum validated
      Welcome to first Zoom meeting
      News about Covid, hang in there and stay safe per guidelines

IV.      Approval of Minutes
Feb & Mar Board and General Meeting Minutes tabled

V.       Treasurer’s Report – Lewis Makepeace
Treasurer’s Report for April 2020 reviewed and approved.
Starting Balance 

Total Deposits

$   172.00

$       0.00
Ending Balance Nov ‘19

Deposits:                 Dues $70, Yard Sale $56, 50/50 Raffle $46
Current and Upcoming Activity: 
      2020 Dues collection ($10 individual, $20 household)
Petty Cash for Mar 2020: 
      Balance - $269.41

VI.       Committees:
Social Committee: Nathalie Makepeace
      Restart Full Moon and other events in May if possible
      4th of July – committee Greg and Lewis

CommunicationsTed & Lucio
      Facebook/Websitewill post news about Covid as well as the Flier to thank essential workers, keep in touch these ways

Home/Yard of the Month – Chair – Theresa Deveaux & Art Broughton
      Discussed but not decided

Block Director Updates
      Cheryl & Bob continuing to make runs for vegetables and fruit from the local farms twice a week, will continue to post notices and take orders – thanks to the Rashkins!

VII.     Old or Unfinished Business
      Need 3 Block Directors –6th, 10th and 17th still vacant.

VIII.    New Business
      Guest Speaker – N/A this month
      Discussion Items
o      No further clapping for essential workers, isn’t working since neighbors participating are so far apart
o      Flier for neighbors announcing General Zoom Meeting and Thank You to Essential Workers – Lucy, Marcia & Shari will work on this, needed in time for the Secretary to receive email addresses, will request addresses on the flier, post to FB & Website
o      Zoom General Meeting – trying for April 21, 6:30pm, tbd and sent via email from Cheryl through Shari

IX.      Good of the order
      NAPCHosting the Zoom meetings for the neighborhoods
      St. Patrick’s Day Parade – cancelled

X.       Next Board Meeting
Monday, May 4, 2020

XI.      Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM

Submitted by:  Shari Cornutt, SPPA Secretary