South Palm Park Association

South Palm Park Association is an organization of homeowners who work for the betterment of the neighborhood, the support of neighbors, and the opportunity to socialize with the best neighbors in the world. South Palm Park is a historic district located in Lake Worth Beach, Florida, between 5th Ave South and 18th South, East of Federal Highway to the Intracoastal Waterway. Meetings are the 2nd Monday of the Month

November, 2019 General Meeting Minutes

South Palm Park Association
General Meeting Minutes
Monday, 11 November 2019
The Beach Club, Lake Worth Beach, FL 33460

I.          Call to order
a.     Meeting called to order at 7:01 PM by President Cheryl Rashkin.

II.         Meeting Attendees - Executive Board
a.     Cheryl Rashkin President
b.     Linda Brower Vice President
c.     Lewis Makepeace Treasurer
d.     Shari Cornutt Secretary

Block Board Members
VACANT – 5th
Jim Durbin – 12th
Cheryl Rashkin – 6th
Bob Rashkin – 13th
Bill (Lynn) Foley – 7th
Absent: Chris Ide – 14th
Bill (Bonnie) Robeson– 8th
Marcia (Luciano) Barrerra – 15th
Luke Mittner – 9th  (Absent)
Art Broughton – 16th
Chris Diserio – 10th
Maryann Furth – 17th
Greg Richter – 11th 
Lucy Richter – 18th

  Director at Large – Ted Johnson
  Guest: Jessica Savage, Strategic Improvement Project Manager, Lake Worth Beach

III.        President’s Comments
      50/50 Raffle tonight

IV.      Approval of Minutes
Oct General Meeting Minutes reviewed and accepted

IV.      Treasurer’s Report – Lewis Makepeace
Treasurer’s Report for November 2019 reviewed and approved.
Starting Balance 

Total Deposits

$   152.00
Disbursements (including raft expenses)

$   422.09
Ending Balance Mar ‘19


Deposits:      Dues $80.00; 50/50 Raffle $50.00, Cash from L. Richter for float $22.00
Current and Upcoming Activity: 
      2019 Dues collection ($10 individual, $20 household)
Petty Cash for Oct 2019: 
      Balance - $41.00 

VI.       Committees:
Social Committee:  Nathalie Makepeace
      Full Moon – Nov 12, earlier at 6 or 6:30pm
      Full Moon, Holiday Lighting and Light Walk – Lighting work for everyone Nov 23 – Dec 4, Lighting Elves will help fill in on morning of Dec 7, need decoration donations, Dec 7 party at 11th Ave extension, Golf Carts will be available for Light Walk, city helped repair breakers
      New Year’s Party – planning beginning
      Committee for Annual Fundraiser – volunteers requested
      Continue with Full Moons, Spring Social and Garage Sale
CommunicationsTed Johnson ‘Director at Large’
Shari, Cheryl and Lucio backup admins
New Email addresses for Executive Board

Home/Yard of the Month – Jim Durbin chair, Theresa Deveaux, and Art Broughton
      64 18th Avenue South
      Next month 1500 block

VII.     Old or Unfinished Business – none discussed

VIII.    New Business
      Guest Speaker – Jessica Savage, Strategic Improvement Project Manager –Census (Census Day Mar 12 electronic & Apr 1 regular and will help snowbirds) – 5 reminders then door walk – reminder of political power and dollars helpful to the city if good response, City 5 year plan
      Discussion Items –
o      Crime Report – Quarterly Report available, 2 burgalaries
o      Need 500 Block Director
o      Smells still bad - contact Julie Parham at 586-1798 for sewer smell issues – some issues from Lantana
o      Reminder about Goodwill Meeting Nov 8 with team, Herman and William Waters
o      Let Cheryl know about sprinkler heads that aren’t working
o      High tides affecting park – correspondence with city from Makepeaces to use pool fill
      50/50 Raffle – Total $116, $58 was won by Rich Guercio who donated it back to SPPNA  

IX.      Good of the order
2nd Annual Holiday Kickoff Party 4-7 at CWS, food/drink specials, prizes/raffles, activities
      Veteran’s Day Float
Rained out
      Meeting with Commissioners coming Dec 3 – come out and support Cheryl!

X.       Next General Meeting
Monday, Dec 9, 2019

XI.      Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 8:01 PM

Submitted by:
Shari Cornutt, SPPA Secretary