South Palm Park Association

South Palm Park Association is an organization of homeowners who work for the betterment of the neighborhood, the support of neighbors, and the opportunity to socialize with the best neighbors in the world. South Palm Park is a historic district located in Lake Worth Beach, Florida, between 5th Ave South and 18th South, East of Federal Highway to the Intracoastal Waterway. Meetings are the 2nd Monday of the Month

November 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, 2 Nov 2020

South Palm Park Meeting


I.          Call to order

a.     Meeting called to order at 6:34 PM by President Cheryl Rashkin. 


II.         Meeting Attendees - Executive Board 

a.     Cheryl Rashkin                        President    

b.     Linda Brower                                    Vice President 

c.     Lewis Makepeace                        Treasurer

d.     Shari Cornutt                                    Secretary


Block Board Members 

Absent – Pamela Abrahams - 5th 

Absent – Greg Richter – 12th

Absent – Anthony Segrich – 6th 

Bob Rashkin – 13th

Bill (Lynn) Foley – 7th

Chris Ide – 14th

Bill (Bonnie) Robeson– 8th

Marcia (Lucio) Barrerra – 15th

Ted (Celine) McMorrough - 9th

Absent – Art Broughton – 16th

(Covering) – Chris Diserio - 10th

Covering – Lucio Barrerra - 17th

Chris Diserio – 11th

Absent – Lucy Richter – 18th

 Absent – Director at Large – Ted Johnson 


III.        President’s Comments 

      Quorum validated

      The City will be helping w/holiday decorations this year.  Reminder to Block Directors to check block outlets

      Need to set the agenda for the General Meeting 

      Working w/city on flooding – City Manager to join us at the General Meeting.  Workshop Thurs night on Zoom with other neighborhoods.  2 of our Exec members will attend and assist in facilitating + 2 other members to attend (Linda will be one)

      The City is still to start park work but delayed due to rain


IV.      Approval of Minutes

Board and General Minutes for May and Oct approved


V.       Treasurer’s Report – Lewis Makepeace

Treasurer’s Report for Nov 2020 reviewed and approved.

Starting Balance  




Total Deposits



$     60.00




$       0.00

Ending Balance 




Deposits:                 Dues $60 

Current and Upcoming Activity:  

      2020 Dues collection ($10 individual, $20 household)

Petty Cash for Nov 2020:  

      Balance - $269.41 – no change from Oct 


VI.       Committees:

Social CommitteeNathalie Makepeace

      Halloween Celebration – went very well!

      Full Moon Celebration – will continue, next Thanksgiving Nov 30

      Holiday Social & Median Lighting – Dec 12?, budget $100 + petty cash approved, 11 Ave location for the party w/golf cart rides or trailer (maybe Chip?, Marcia will help w/decorations)


Communications – Lucio & Ted


      License – for wireless microphone for social distance on computer, can be used with cell phone or laptop

      Facebook/Website – website will be turned over to Lucio, get with Ted, remove Deborah from FB admin


Home/Yard of the Month – Chair – Theresa Deveaux & Ted 

      Find out from Theresa which home selected 


Block Director Updates

      Address for house w/ high grass & couple of other unkempt houses – will talk to them

      Median checks for decorations – Lucio & Bob will help, let Cheryl know if your block can’t be checked

      Drooping power lines on a couple of blocks – Cheryl will talk to the city

      Air BnB issue still on south end


Nominations Committee - Linda

      No responses so suggested keep list as is (Motion to approve passed – Lewis, Second – Marcia), will also bring up at General meeting

      Linda will cover all meetings Cheryl can’t make


VII.     Old or Unfinished Business



VIII.    New Business

      Guest Speaker – City Manager 

      Discussion Items

o      Email bounce backs – Shari to add to FB page to help get updates and remove from our list

o      Block addresses/phone#s requested for FB but need parameters

o      General Meeting will be at Beach Club (outdoors if possible)

o      Suggestion to test the sewage for covid, not much info on this


IX.      Good of the order

      NAPC – Food Drive – get to Cheryl

      Toy Drive – for December (flier and announced at meeting), communicate on FB 


X.       Next Board Meeting 

Monday, Dec 7, 2020 


XI.      Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 7:19 PM


Submitted by:  Shari Cornutt, SPPA Secretary