General Meeting Minutes Monday 8 August 2016

To be corrected...

I. Call to order 
a. Meeting called to order at 7:05 PM by President Maryann Polizzi 

II. Roll Call Officers 
a. Maryann Polizzi President 
b. Mark Herbert Vice President 
c. Irene Guthrie Treasurer 
d. Garry Madolid Secretary 

Board Members 

Coleman Veach – 5th 

Pattie Kroness – 9th 

Bob Rashkin – 13th 

Art Broughton – 16th 

Chip Guthrie – 6th 

Daren Hamberger – 10th 

Ron Richard – 14th 

Mel Jones – 17th 

Lynn & Bill Foley – 7th 

Chris Diserio – 11th 

Roberta & Chris Ide – 15th 

Jeannie Hoban – 8th 

David Chapnick – 12th 

III. Approval of Minutes 

Motion to Approve 9 May 2016 Minutes made by VP Mark Herbert, seconded by 10th Block 
Captain Daren Hamberger and 17th Block Captain Mel Jones 

IV. Treasurer’s Report – Irene Guthrie 

Starting Balance 


Total Deposits 




Ending Balance 


Deposits - $137.00 from Dues, $97.00 from Garage Sale / 
Disbursements - $12.71 office supplies, $14.62 ledger grant paper, $76.29 forum dinner plus tip 

 V. Guest Speakers 

Deputy Castalerno - PBSO 

a. Deputy Castalerno provided some stats on recent crime activity in or around SPPA 
b. Deputy Castalerno advised that majority of other crimes have occurred around Bryant 
Park to include but not limited to robbery, prostitution, etc… 

Dr. Christopher McVoy – Commissioner, District 2 

a. Environmental Scientist and District 2 Commissioner, Dr. McVoy spoke about the City 
of Lake Worth initiative of installing electric meters 
b. Dr. McVoy dispelled some misinformation regarding health hazards associated with 
the electric meters specifically. Dr. McVoy assured Neighborhood that the electric 
meters were transmitting radio waves at much lower values compared to mobile 
c. Dr. McVoy indicated that with the electric meters, consumers will eventually have the 
ability to actively monitor their electric usage subsequently becoming more 
environmentally conscious. 

Solid Recovery Life – Sober Home 

a. Solid Recovery Life (Solid) listed as a Rehabilitation and Recovery center. Located at 
1618 S Federal Hwy., Lake Worth, FL 33460 
b. Owner Lewis Maffeo and Operations Manager, Paul Tessein provided information 
regarding Solid, their mission and goals to distinguish themselves from other sober 
c. Paul and Lewis extended open invite to SPPA to visit their establishment to learn 
more about their goals and answer any questions 
d. Paul and Lewis are interested in attending SPPA General Meetings and indicated that 
they want to be proactive members of the community 
e. Paul indicated that he and his wife Bella live on site, managing the property and those 
in recovery 24 / 7. 
f. Residents have a mandated curfew, daily tasks and site is monitored by security 
g. Contact Information 
1. Lewis Maffeo 

Mobile: 203.687.7920 


2. Paul & Bella Tessein 

Mobile: 609.477.8957 or 561.613.2325 


On Facebook Solid can be found searching for Solid Recovery Life 

VI. Committee Reports 

Social Committee – Danielle Herbert / Ron Richard 

a. Reminder – Committee is still actively collecting box tops to donate to South Grade 
b. Committee is also looking for donations of school supplies for South Grade 

Crime Watch – Chris Diserio 

a. No recent updates 
b. Emphasis on “Make Call Y’all” and encouraging reporting of suspicious activity 
a. Primary # is 561 688 3400 
b. Alternate # 561 586 1611 
c. When reporting events to Chris ensure you provide the following: 
a. Event # 
b. Description of event 

d. Chris and Crime Watch Committee compiles history and trending. You may also 
email your reports to 

New Neighbors 

a. Block Captains encouraged to reach out to new neighbors and extend invite to join 
b. Welcome bags to be established 

Neighborhood – Maryann Polizzi 

a. Neighborhood cleanup dates TBD 

VII. New Business 
a. SPPA Bylaws require review 
b. SPPA Bylaw Committee volunteers established 

VIII. Other Business 

Board Meeting will be held on 7 Sep 16 

IX. Next General Meeting 

Monday 12 Sep 16 

 X. Adjournment 

Meeting adjourned at 8:47 PM 

 Submitted by: 

Garry Madolid 

SPPA Secretary