Historic Board Meeting Wednesday Night

From Kathleen Holmes...

Hi Everyone! The Historic Resources Preservation Board meets tonight at City Hall at 6:30. Of interest to the neighborhood will be consideration of new townhouse construction at 301 S Federal, an addition to 1002 S Lakeside Dr, and my PVC fence at 914 S Palmway. If you have never attended one of these meetings, I encourage you to do so. The HRPB is made up of all volunteers, trying to help bridge the gap between restrictive permitting policies at the building department and homeowners desires for improving their properties. The building department will be represented by Aimee Sunny, the city preservationist. Public comment is encouraged, so it is a chance for your own neighborhood permitting concerns to be heard by both the building department and the HRPB.
This is what my fence looked like before the city made me take it down because it is made of PVC. Having been permitted in the past for PVC fences on other properties; I was not aware that they are not preferred in our now historic district. My argument is that nice looking fences which add street appeal to our neighborhoods should be judged on their quality and appeal, not on their material. Plus, I grow gardens all around and over my fences, making fence maintenance a real issue, and PVC is the only material that does not rot nor have to be repainted, ever.
If you have 2 cents worth of opinion about any of this, come tonight! It will be way more interesting and instructive than the debate!