General Meeting Minutes Monday September 12, 2016

I. Call to order
  1. Roll Call Officers
    1. Maryann Polizzi
    2. Mark Herbert
    3. Irene Guthrie
    4. Garry Madolid
    Board Members
  2. Approval of Minutes
Vice President Treasurer Secretary

a. Meeting called to order at 7:05 PM by President Maryann Polizzi
Coleman Veach 5th
Pattie Kroness 9th
Bob Rashkin 13th
Art Broughton 16th
Chip Guthrie 6th
Daren Hamberger 10th
Ron Richard 14th
Mel Jones 17th
Lynn & Bill Foley 7th
Chris Diserio 11th
Roberta & Chris Ide 15th
Jeannie Hoban 8th
David Chapnick 12th
Motion to Approve 8 Aug 2016 minutes approved by Chris Diserio seconded by Linda Brower
IV. Treasurer’s Report – Irene Guthrie
Starting Balance $3,650.76 Total Deposits - Disbursements - Ending Balance $3,124.46
Deposits - $0.00 / Disbursements - $283.15 Raft Race supplies, $243.15 SPPA Microphone & Speaker
V. Guest Speaker’s
Deputy Eaves(?) - PBSO
  1. Deputy Castalerno provided some stats on recent crime activity in or around SPPA neighborhood
  2. Majority of reported crimes included a stolen vehicle recovery, burglary to vehicles around 1400 block
  3. Recommend not leaving valuable items in your vehicle in plain sight.
  4. Several neighbors voiced concerned of suspicious activity around South Palm Park
VI. Committee Reports
Social Committee Danielle Herbert / Ron Richard
  1. Reminder Committee is still actively collecting box tops to donate to South Grade Elelemantary and looking for donations of school supplies for South Grade
  2. Neighborhood cleanup will be held October 22nd at 0800.
i. Need additional volunteers for cleanup
c. October 30th will possibly be welcome brunch / lunch for new neighbors. This will be held at South Palm Park from 1100 1300. Welcome tote-bags will be distributed for new neighbors
i. Please invite new neighbors and encourage kids to dress up in Halloween costumes
Crime Watch Chris Diserio
  1. Recognition for Chris Ide for volunteering significant amount of time to C.O.P (Citizens On Patrol)
  2. Brief discussion on leveraging private home security surveillance in capturing / prosecuting illegal activity
a. NOTE: Guest Speaker Benito Gaspar whom was to speak on the topic was unable to attend tonight’s meeting.
c. Emphasis on “Make Call Y’all” and encouraging reporting of suspicious activity
  1. Primary # is 561 688 3400
  2. Alternate # 561 586 1611
  1. When reporting events to Chris ensure you provide the following:
    1. Event #
    2. Description of event
  2. Chris and Crime Watch Committee compiles history and trending. You may also
    email your reports to
New Neighbors
  1. New potential neighbors at 1020 S Lakeside
  2. Welcome tote bags to be established
  1. Unfinished Business
    1. City wide lighting project still on going
    2. President Polizzi encouraged group to report any dark areas that may require
  2. New Business
    1. NAPC sponsored pool parties occur the first Saturday of each month during October, November and December from 1700 - 2200
    2. Free admission. Residents will only need to pay parking
  1. Other Business
    a. Fiscal year for association will begin on 1 Oct. Dues for all members will be collected
  2. Next General Meeting
    Monday 12 Sep 16
  3. Adjournment
    Meeting adjourned at 8:07 PM
Submitted by:
Garry Madolid SPPA Secretary