General Meeting Minutes Monday 11 April 2016

I. Call to order 
a. Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by President Maryann Polizzi 

II. Roll Call Officers 
a. Maryann Polizzi President 
b. Mark Herbert Vice President 
c. Irene Guthrie Treasurer 
d. Garry Madolid Secretary 

Board Members Coleman Veach – 5th 
Pattie Kroness – 9th 
Bob Rashkin – 13th 
Art Broughton – 16th 
Chip Guthrie – 6th 
Daren Hamberger – 10th 
Ron Richard – 14th 
Mel Jones – 17th 
Lynn & Bill Foley – 7th 
Chris Diserio – 11th 
Roberta & Chris Ide – 15th 
Jeannie Hoban – 8th 
David Chapnick – 12th 

III. Approval of Minutes 
Motion to Approve 7 Mar 16 2016 Minutes made by VP Mark Herbert, seconded by 17th Block Captain Mel Jones 
IV. Treasurer’s Report – Irene Guthrie 

Starting Balance 
Total Deposits 
Ending Balance 

 Deposits - $137.00 from Dues, $97.00 from Garage Sale / Disbursements - $12.71 office supplies, $14.62 ledger grant paper, $76.29 forum dinner plus tip 
V. Guest Speaker’s 

Captain Baer - PBSO 
a. Cpt. Baer provided updates on prostitution and recent burglaries specifically vehicle. 
b. Cpt. Baer indicated that PBSO is working with State Attorney to make laws for prostitution more stringent 
Martin Wiescholek 
a. Martin is on the Cottages of Lake Worth 
b. Cottages of Lake Worth is a non-profit organization providing walking / guided tours of the over 1,000 historic cottages located in Lake Worth. 
c. Revenues generated directed to a general fund that aides promotion of the organization such as flyers 
d. Should there anyone seeking more information, nominate a cottage or join The Cottages of Lake Worth, more information can be found at otherwise Martin Wiescholek can also be contacted at: 
i. Martin Wiescholek 

561 633 8882 

Commissioner Maxwell 
a. Commissioner requested from City Manager expedited installation of LED lighting throughout Lake Worth neighborhoods as preventative measure to crime 
b. Existing LED lightning has been adjusted to a “medium” brightness 
c. Commissioner Maxwell addressed potential of Spring Training camp for Atlanta Braves at John Prince Park 
a. Commissioner commented that the training camp will have a significant socio-economic impact on the County. 
d. Several members voiced their concern that relinquishing existing green space may not benefit the City or Residents 
e. Several members expressed their support for the Spring Training camp 

Walter Harper and Marion Cone – Co –Authors of A Tour of Lake Worth 
a. Warren Harper and Marion Cone spoke to the association of the history of Lake Worth, specifically the architecture and cottages as detailed in their book A Tour of Lake Worth Florida, it’s Cottages & Architectural Treasurers. 
b. Book is available for sale for $15.00 
c. Walter Harper extended invite to hold next General Membership Meeting at the Lake Worth Public Library 

VI. Committee Reports 

Social Committee – Danielle Herbert / Ron Richard 
a. Danielle Herbert and Ron Richard received recognition for the Easter Egg Hunt at South Palm Park Saturday 26 March 16 
b. Progressive Dinner – voted to be postponed. New date TBD 

Crime Watch – Chris Diserio 
a. Chris emphasized importance of “Make Call Y’all” and encouraging reporting of suspicious activity 
a. Primary # is 561 688 3400 
b. Alternate # 561 586 1611 
b. When reporting events to Chris ensure you provide the following: 
a. Event # 
b. Description of event 
c. Chris and Crime Watch Committee compiles history and trending. You may also email your reports to 

Home of the Month – Jeannie Hoban 
a. Postponed pending formation of committee volunteers 

Neighborhood – Maryann Polizzi 
a. Cat neutering performed by Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League 

VII. New Business 
a. Vote to whom is opposed to have any Law Enforcement or City Official attend SPPA Association Meeting 
i. Unanimous vote to continue inviting City Officials and Law Enforcement guest speakers 
b. Vote to move guest speakers to end of meeting 
i. Tabled – no resolution 
c. Bulk pick up signs arriving Tuesday 

VIII. Other Business 

IX. Next General Meeting 

Monday 9 May 2016. 
X. Adjournment 

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM 
Submitted by: 
Garry Madolid 
SPPA Secretary