Annual Elections 2016

Attached is the South Palm Park Association 2016 Election Nominee List.  The election will be held at the January General Meeting (which is also the Annual Meeting) which will take place on Monday, January 11, 2016 at The Beach Club (Lake Worth Golf Course) located at 1 7th Ave. North, Lake Worth, FL.  Social Hour begins at 6:00 and the meeting will begin at 7:00. 

As you can see from the nominee list, there are still openings on the 6th block and the 18th block.  Nominations for these positions may be made from the floor at the January 11 meeting, but the nominee must be in good standing (dues paid) and present at the meeting to accept the nomination.

Nominees for Board, Officers and Directors 2016 Officers 
 President: Maryann Polizzi, 1529 S. Palmway 
 Vice President: Mark Herbert, 1417 S. Palmway 
 Secretary: Gary Madolid, 1625 S. Palmway 
 Treasurer: Irene Guthrie, 823 S. Palmway
th Block: Coleman Veach. 509 S. Palmway
th Block:
th Block: Lynn and Bill Foley, 722 Palmway 
 8th Block: Jeannie Hoban, 810 S. Palmway 
 9th Block: Pattie Kroness, 917 S. Palmway. Fredericke Mittner will help out when Pattie up north 
 10th Block: Daren Hamberger, 1031 S. Palmway 
 11th Block: Chris Diserio, 1117 S. Palmway 
 12th Block: David Chapnik, 1206 S. Lakeside Dr. 
 13th Block: Bob Rashkin, 1302 S. Palmway 
 14th Block: Ron Richard, 1420 S. Palmway 
 15th Block: Chris Ide and Roberta Millman-Ide, 6 Lakeside Palms Ct. 
 16th Block: Art Broughton, 103 16th Ave. S 
 17th Block: Mel Jones, 1625 S. Palmway
th Avenue: