Minutes from the Board Meeting October 5, 2015

Meeting Called to Order at 6:45 PM by President Maryann Polizzi

In attendance: President Maryann Polizzi, VP Cheryl Rashkin, Treasurer Irene Guthrie, Board Members Chip Guthrie, Daren Hamberger and Bob Rashkin and Association member and auditor Dennis Calovi.
Minutes from the last board meeting: Motion to approve Cheryl Rashkin, seconded by Daren Hamberger, all ayes.

Dennis Calovi gave his report to the board on the results of the annual audit. Board discussed the possibility of changing the reporting period to reflect fiscal year instead of calendar year.

Charitable contributions from the association need to be in line with the stated objectives in our by-laws. Possibility of setting up a separate fund from that of dues or change by-laws to allow a bereavement account.
Setting up an operating budget and board insurance were also discussed. The Board thanked Dennis for his time volunteered and his attention to the details in his report.

Motion to accept the Auditor's report for the 12 Months ending 12/31/2014 by Cheryl Rashkin, seconded by Irene Guthrie: All Ayes

Chip Guthrie made a motion for the association to donate not to exceed $50 for a tree planted in median or South Palm Park in honor of recently passed member Robert Thomasson. Motion seconded by Cheryl Rashkin. All Ayes

Treasurer's report by Irene Guthrie: Beginning balance $3,284.81, expenditures ($170.00) Ending balance $3,154.81. Motion to approve Treasurer's Report by Daren Hamberger, seconded by Cheryl Rashkin: All Ayes.
Meeting adjourned by President Maryann Polizzi at 7:51 PM