To our new 
SPPNA 2018 Executive Board Elect, and Block Directors! 

South Palm Park Neighborhood Association
2018 Executive Board Slate of Candidates

President- Cheryl Rashkin
Vice President- Melissa Jordan
Secretary- Linda Brower
Treasurer- Chris Diserio

2018 Block Director      
5th block- Coleman Veach
6th block-open
7th block- Foley's
8th block- Jon Jordan
9th block- Luke Mittner
10th block- Louis Makepeace
11th block- Lucy or Greg Richter
12th block- Jim Durbin
13th block- Bob Rashkin
14th block- Christine Herasz
15th block- Patrick Keith
16th block- Art Broughton
17th block- Chris Ide
18th block- Melissa Jones

Coming up....

2nd Annual Golf Cart and Bicycle Parade!

When: January 20th   
Start time: 10am

Details: Meet in front of the Birthday Cake House, at the north end of Fifth and South Lakeside. Golf carts first, then bicycles. A couple of cars snuck in last year and that was fine, too. Costco hotdogs in South Palm Park afterwards.
We hope all can join!

🎉Home of the Month🎉

 601 S Lakeside!!