South Palm Park Neighborhood Association

South Palm Park Association is an organization of homeowners who work for the betterment of the neighborhood, the support of neighbors, and the opportunity to socialize with the best neighbors in the world. South Palm Park is a historic district located in Lake Worth, Florida, between 5th Ave South and 18th South, East of Federal Highway to the Intracoastal Waterway.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, May 6, 2017

General Membership Meeting May 8th

A “Meet & Greet Social Hour” will be held from 6 to 7 PM so neighbors can catch up with their neighbors!

Major topics:
* PBSO bringing us up to date on various crime related issues; update by SPPNA members on “First Appearance” attendance
* Raft Race and July 4th events in the City - need a committee chair but have other willing volunteers
* Committee reports - Spring Social Event great success, planning stages for Fall Social Event in late September
* Association membership and dues; Welcome bags for new members
* SPPNA website and Facebook - New look forthcoming!
* Next General meeting October 10, 2017

 Everyone is welcome so please make every effort to attend!

Friday, March 24, 2017

General Meeting Minutes March 13, 2017

      I.         Call to order
a.     Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by President Cheryl Rashkin and self-introductions were made

     II.         Meeting Attendees (roll call was not taken)
a.     Cheryl Rashkin            President   
b.     Daren Hamberger            Vice President
c.     Chris Diserio                        Treasurer
d.     Linda Brower                        Secretary

Board Members
Coleman Veach – 5th & 6th 
Bob Rashkin – 13th  
Christopher Staples – 7th & 8th
Christine Herasz– 14th
Absent - Martin Wiescholek  – 9th & 10th
Maryann Polizzi – 15th & 16th
David Chapnick – 11th & 12th
Roberta & Chris Ide – 17th & 18th

   III.         Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the February 2017 general meeting were approved

  IV.         Treasurer’s Report – Chris Diserio
Starting Balance
Total Deposits
Ending Balance
Deposits - $226.00 Garage Sale & Dues $140 / Disbursements - $00.00
Notes: 28 homes participated in the SPP Garage Sale
The Treasure’s report was approved.


    V.         Captain Baer, PBSO, City of Lake Worth
Captain Baer reported Crime Statistics for SPP Neighborhood for the last two months along with current efforts of PBSO to address current issues in our city
-        Last month there was one ‘significant’ crime reported of a stolen vehicle perhaps involving a hit and run, and there was one for this month a few days ago, on 16th and South Palmway involving a residential break-in. DNA testing will be done as blood was on the scene
-        There is significant crime on Federal Highway mainly due to the heroin epidemic.
-        Overall for the City of Lake Worth, Crime is down by 3% and has gone down for the 3rd 6-month timeframe in a row. The City Ordinance that allows no alcohol past 10PM has helped.
-        2 new code officers will be added next month, one funded by Lake Worth and one funded by PBSO. This will help with Nuisance Abatement, to shut down places where there are complaints from drugs and prostitution.  Six have been addressed this year. A couple of ‘hot spots’ were noted, Holiday House in the north end and Sun Gate in our area.
-        Addressing Sober Homes is a difficult process for the State’s Attorney.  In 2016, in Palm Beach County, there were 750 overdoses, 78 fatal.  In January 2017, there were 34 overdoses, and 5 fatal.
-        Arrests do not address the actual causes of crimes: Rentals and absentee landlords, rehab/sober homes with transient people, illegals, homeless, poverty, unemployment, gangs. Redevelopment is crucial.
-        Trying to get stiffer penalties for prostitution (180 in Lake Worth). Chip Guthrie told us that citizens could help by showing up in court for the ‘first hearing’.  This has been done in Northwood with good results. (It was suggested that Chip chair a committee to pull the activity together)  
-        Crime Program publishes a weekly report that shows hotspots of crime
   VI.         Committees:

Social Committee:  Christine Harasz and Theresa Hamberger
Hour and a half gathering was a hit, no new plans at this time. Christine asked the General Membership for other ideas.

Residential Enhancement Program:  Sharon Chapnik represented by David Chapnik.
The schedule for this year’s grant requests was shortened from 8 to 5 weeks, the deadline was extended a short time for us.
Currently being considered:
a.     SPP Park improvements – Astroturf under the playground equipment.
b.    South Palmway seating/benches – David showed pictures of different configurations that could be used.
            c.  Catered New Year’s party – a catered New Year’s party with a small cost to attend
Communications Committee:  Mel Jones, Ted Johnson and Chip Guthrie (FB site admin)
Mel Jones gave an update on the SPP webpage, asking for patience while the committee works on updating and streamlining the website.  Our website will share promotions with other associations, currently with Parrot Cove’s Home Tour. She asked for feedback at:

Crime Watch – Chris Diserio  
Chris has started and worked as head of this activity for 2 years and asked for volunteers to take his place.  (President Rashkin and all of us would like for him to stay, but he does need help)

  VII.         Old and New Business – None Discussed

VIII.         Next Meetings:
Board Meeting: Monday, April 03, 2017 at Darryl Hamburger’s home: 1031 South Palmway
SPP General Meeting: Monday April 10, 2017 at The Beach Club

   IX.         Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM

Submitted by:
Linda Brower

SPPA Secretary

Wednesday, February 15, 2017