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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Board Meeting Minutes Monday 6 February 2017

      I.         Call to order
a.     Meeting called to order at 6:45 PM by President Cheryl Rashkin

     II.         Meeting Attendees (roll call was not taken)
a.     Cheryl Rashkin                   President   
b.     Daren Hamberger               Vice President
c.     Chris Diserio                        Treasurer
d.     Linda Brower                        Secretary

Board Members
Coleman Veach – 5th & 6th 
Bob Rashkin – 13th  
Christopher Staples – 7th & 8th
Christine Herasz– 14th
Absent:  Martin Wiescholek  – 9th & 10th
Maryann Polizzi – 15th & 16th
David Chapnick – 11th & 12th
Roberta & Chris Ide – 17th & 18th

   III.         Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the January 2017 general meeting were approved with a change to reflect the $75 paid to wait staff and $5 paid per person for drinks at the 2016 Christmas Holiday Party.

  IV.         Treasurer’s Report – Chris Diserio
Starting Balance
Total Deposits
Ending Balance
Deposits - $237 / Disbursements - $21.98 Home of the Month Sign

New Signature Cards to be signed by the exec board Saturday, February 11, 2017 at P&C Bank at 10AM

    V.         Committees:
Two existing committees:
            Social Committee: Was Open, Christine Harasz and Theresa Hamberger agreed to and were appointed to fill the position.
            Communications Committee:  Mel Jones, Ted Johnson and Chip Guthrie (FB site admin) remain.  Cheryl Rashkin will confirm that Ted will be updating the South Palm Park Website.

Crime Watch – Chris Diserio
            Not a really a committee, but a separate activity. Chris to consider creating a separate meeting for crime watch

  VI.         Old or Unfinished Business
a.     Yard Sale is held on the Saturday of the Street Painting Festival, this year on February 25th.  Charge is $7.00 or $10.00 on the day of the yard sale. Chip will provide a flyer to Cheryl to give out at our next General Meeting.
b.     Candidate Forum:  To be held at the next General Meeting on Monday, February 13.  The general meeting will be from 7:00 PM to 7:15 PM.  Candidate Forum begins at 7:15 PM and ends at 9:00 PM. Chris McVoy and William Joseph to be formally notified of the Forum. Suggested questions to be given to David Chapnik and Chip Guthrie at the end of our meeting after Maryann Polizzi leaves.
c.     Tree for SPP: Maryann Polizzi to forward permission from Parks to plant a donated Rainbow Tree in the park (in honor of Linda’s sister)
d.     Residential Enhancement Program: Sharon Chapnik oversees this Grant program with ideas facilitated by Christopher Staples and Christine Harasz.
* Christopher suggested we collect additional ideas from our residents which will be done at the next General Meeting. Current suggestions included: Butterfly Garden to the water, Catered New Year’s Eve Party, Dog Park (won’t work per David Chapnik)  
The committee to present ideas next week at the General Meeting with final Board decision by March 6th. These are to be posted on SPP website and Facebook
* Matching Volunteer hours are required

 VII.         New Business
a.     4 keys to the SPP Park Shed to be dispersed
b.     Art Broughton would like to be Block 16 Director when he is well
c.     Christine Staples requested information about requirements of a Block Captain
                                               i.     Bulk pickup signs, timing was ‘discussed’- Friday prior to pick up suggested, Cheryl to confirm with city that is acceptable.
                                              ii.     Meeting signs
                                             iii.     Flyers
d.      Linda Brower to create a draft note to send to the general SPP residents.
e.     Meeting minutes will reflect ‘important’ motions and seconds only

VIII.         Next Board Meeting
Monday, March 06, 2017 at Cheryl Rashkin’s home: 1302 South Palmway

   IX.         Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM

Submitted by:
Linda Brower

SPPA Secretary

General Meeting Minutes Monday 9 Jan 2017

I. Call to order
  1. Roll Call Officers
    1. Maryann Polizzi
    2. Mark Herbert
    3. Irene Guthrie
    4. Garry Madolid
    Block Captains
  2. Approval of Minutes
Vice President Treasurer Secretary
South Palm Park Association General Meeting Minutes Monday 9 Jan 2017
1 7
th Ave. North, Lake Worth, FL 33460
a. Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by President Maryann Polizzi
Coleman Veach 5th
Pattie Kroness 9th
Bob Rashkin 13th
Art Broughton 16th
Chip Guthrie 6th
Daren Hamberger 10th
Ron Richard 14th
Mel Jones 17th
Lynn & Bill Foley 7th
Chris Diserio 11th
Roberta & Chris Ide 15th
Jeannie Hoban 8th
David Chapnick 12th
Motion to Approve December General Meeting Minutes made by Chip Guthrie seconded by Cheryl Rashkin
IV. Treasurer’s Report – Irene Guthrie
Starting Balance $3,329.06
TotaDeposits $100.00  
Disbursements  $231.00
Ending Balance $3,148.06

$231.00 for xmas party(?)

  1. Guest Speaker’s – PBSO Deputy Hazle(?) Deputy Hazle
    1. Deputy Hazel provided some crime statistics for neighborhood
    2. Deputy Hazel advised group of PBSO initiatives to reduce crime in the neighborhood
      referred to as Operations Street Sweeper
      1. Focus has been on narcotics, outstanding warrants, prostitution and vagrant issues.

  2. Committee Reports
    Social Committee
    Danielle Herbert / Ron Richard
    1. Recap of inaugural golf cart parade spearheaded by Jim Durbin
    2. Recognition to Mr. & Mrs. Rashkin for their contributions to neighborhood
    Crime Watch Chris Diserio
    1. Additional Make Call Y’All cards available
    2. Any neighbors wanting crime alerts can sign up for PBSO App.
    3. Also
    4. Connect and Protect App PBSO
    5. Please check your vehicles. Suspect observed walking neighborhood “checking” for
      unlocked vehicles.
  3. Unfinished Business
    1. Home of the Month Deborah Tobias
    2. Cottages of Lake Worth Tour 29th January 14 / 15 cottage tour Martin Wiescholek
    3. Tickets selling fast. 40 tickets left online.
    4. Front Porch need additional assistance. Set up at 1600 break down at 2200
VIII. New Business
  1. Garlic Festival Tickets going on sale soon
  2. Annual SPPA Neighborhood Yard Sale 25th of February
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IX. Other Business
Recognition of 2016 SPPA Board

Nominations for 2017 SPPA Board as follows:

Executive Board:
Cheryl Rashkin       Vice President: Daren Hamberger 
       Treasurer: Chris Diserio 
       Secretary: Linda Brower
Block Captains:
5/6th: Coleman Veach 
7/8: Christopher Staples 
9/10: Martin Wiescholek 
11/12: David Chapnick 
13: Bob Rashkin
14: Christine Harasz 
15/16: Maryann Polizzi 
17/18: Chris Ide
Nomination slate as presented passed as voted. No contest.
  1. Next General Meeting
  2. Adjournment
    Meeting adjourned 7:17 for SPPA Holiday Social
Submitted by:
Garry Madolid -SPPA Secretary