General Meeting March 14, 2016

I. Call to order
South Palm Park Association General Meeting Minutes Monday 14 March 2016
1 7
th Ave. North, Lake Worth, FL 33460
a. Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by President Maryann Polizzi
  1. Roll Call Officers
    1. Maryann Polizzi
    2. Mark Herbert
    3. Irene Guthrie
    4. Garry Madolid
    Board Members
  2. Approval of Minutes
Vice President Treasurer Secretary
Coleman Veach 5th
Pattie Kroness 9th
Bob Rashkin 13th
Art Broughton 16th
Chip Guthrie 6th
Daren Hamberger 10th
Ron Richard 14th
Mel Jones 17th
Lynn & Bill Foley 7th
11th - Absent
Roberta & Chris Ide 15th
Jeannie Hoban 8th
David Chapnick 12th
Motion to Approve 8 Feb 16 2016 Minutes made by VP Mark Herbert, seconded by 17th Block Captain Mel Jones
IV. Treasurer’s Report – Irene Guthrie
Starting Balance Total Deposits Disbursements Ending Balance
$4,178.38 $234.00 ($103.62) $4,308.76
Deposits - $137.00 from Dues, $97.00 from Garage Sale / Disbursements - $12.71 office supplies, $14.62 ledger grant paper, $76.29 forum dinner plus tip
V. Guest Speakers
City of Lake Worth Electric Jack Borsh
a. Jack Borsh Electric Utilities Director for City of Lake Worth gave informative presentation on current status of Lake Worth Electric Utilities, general cost and consumer rate comparison of Lake Worth Electric compared to other statewide electric providers and other associated topics with electric utilities. Jack Borsh also discussed upcoming projects such as switching street lighting over to LED.

NAPC Secretary Mary Lindsey
  1. Mary Lindsey discussed history and role of Neighborhood Association Presidents Council (NAPC)
  2. Looking for stewards for Little Free Library program. Anyone interested please contact Mary Lindsey or more information can also be found at
VI. Committee Reports
Social Committee Danielle Herbert / Ron Richard
a. Easter Egg Hunt at South Palm Park Saturday 26 March 16 starts at 6:00PM b. Progressive Dinner to be held Saturday 16 April. Looking for volunteers for:
i. Appetizers ii. Dinner
iii. Desert
Crime Watch Chris Diserio
a. No new updates
Home of the Month Jeannie Hoban
a. No selection for Home of the Month. Jeannie requesting assistance in form of committee.
Neighborhood Maryann Polizzi
a. In process of procuring business cards for neighborhood to advertise meetings and welcome new residents.
c. Pride Fest volunteers needed to walk. Pride Fest is 19th and 20th of March. Parade will be on the 20th. Lineup is at Lucerne and J Street at 10:30AM
  1. Volunteers needed to staff Beer Garden 18 Mar 16. Downtown on the Avenue
  2. St. Patricks Day Parade 13 March 2016. Lineup at 11:30 AM to walk at noon by
    TooJays Restaurant and Lake Ave. Look for NAPC float

VII. New Business
  1. Raft Race Theme – “Out Of The Box Toys
  2. Neighborhood association members provided 8 themes and collectively voted on
    winning theme. Two rounds of voting took place to narrow down winning theme. Results as follows:
Round 1 Votes
Round 2 Votes
Thomas the Engine
Rubber Ducky
Winning Theme
Motor Boat
Ken & Barbie
Toy Chest
Jack in the Box
G.I. Joe
  1. Other Business
    Design for Raft Race T-Shirt Roberta Ide nominated to design
  2. Next General Meeting
    Monday 11 April 2016.
  3. Adjournment
    Meeting adjourned at 8:52 PM
Submitted by:
Garry Madolid SPPA Secretary